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Marguerita Farrell's Marguerita farrell, director, top dog, chief doodler, dog walker and bottle washer at t-shirts to wall art with thongs in between's marguerita farrell.Marguerita farrell is a director at Marguerita farrell is the chief dooler and dog walker at Bottle washing and filing at are done by Marguerita Farrell and Marguerita farrell also gets to sort out the advertising at's t-shirts to wall art with thongs in between are designed by Marguerita Farrell.

Marguerita Farrell's Background

Marguerita Farrell's Experience

director, top dog,chief doodler, bottle washer & dog walker at itechprof private limited

Marguerita Farrell's Education


still working on it

Concentration: trying to create humour with attitude gifts

Activities: comments on life on t-shirts to wall art with thongs in between

Marguerita Farrell's Interests & Activities

Marguerita farrell is interested in most sports (doing not watching), Reading anything by Terry Pratchet, thinks the world should read the Dune series and learn more than one language.

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